The Manage system incorporates a database of client, property and lease information.

The system provides full rental accounting with rent projections and demand generation. Adjustments to the rent at lease start, on vacate and following rent review are automatically implemented and demanded. Tenant arrears can be easily monitored, debts chased and interest on arrears calculated.

The service charge module allows both on account and in arrears collection of charges. Multiple reconciliation periods are provided producing tenant statements, balancing charges and an analysis of irrecoverable costs.

Full client accounting provides multiple statement formats with sophisticated client bank account controls.

Property and Lease Records

An extensive property and lease database is maintained. Against the property you can record details pertinent to the property type (ITZA zoning for retail properties, maintenance details etc).

Details of both landlord and tenant leases are held including review and renewal dates, rent history and summarised restrictions and covenants.

Key dates such as rent review dates and lease renewal dates are recorded in the Management diary. You can set up your own warning and reminder actions to appear automatically in the diary whenever a key date is entered.

Professional work relating to rent reviews and lease renewals can be tracked through the River Lake Professional system.

Rent and Other Demands

Rent due both to landlords and from tenants can be calculated and demands raised at regular frequencies.

Adjustments to the rent at the start of the lease, at vacate or after a rent review are automatically implemented.

Demands can also be raised for other types of regular charge such as service charge or insurance.

Service Charge

Service charge apportionment is based on unit occupancy. Any number of different schedules of apportionment can be held against a property defining the method by which different expenditure should be recovered.

Budgets can be entered. These are apportioned to each tenant to form the basis of on-account demands.

Service charge reconciliation will raise demands or credit notes for under/over recovery and full reconciliation analyses can be generated to send to tenants.


Sales and purchase invoices, cash receipts and payments and journals can be entered on the system.

Direct recovery of non-service charge expenditure is achieved automatically.

Sales, purchase and cash daybook reports can be produced.

A debtor analysis details all overdue accounts. Interest on late payment can be calculated and demands raised.

Full transaction enquiries are available including VAT analysis. Interfaces to other accountancy systems (e.g. Sage) are included.

Client Accounting

Each client account can be reconciled individually on-demand or as a batch on a regular basis.

Fees due are calculated and detailed client statements can be produced in a variety of formats.

Sophisticated client bank account controls can be put in place both for client specific accounts and common receipts and payments accounts.


You can set up standard letters to be sent to your tenants. For example you may send letters to remind the tenant of decoration obligations or to chase overdue accounts.


A wide range of standard reports are available including property and lease schedules, billing forecasts, service charge and accounting analyses.

The reports can be distributed by email. In addition, it is simple to export the information to word processors or spreadsheets.

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