Grant Fieldhouse

As you know we recently switched to the River Lake manage system after winning a new instruction to manage a large commercial property portfolio.

We looked at a number of commercial property management systems and concluded that River Lake's Manage system offered the best compromise of functionality, ease of use and cost.

We were apprehensive about switching from our existing system however entering data and learning how to use the Manage system proved to be much more straightforward than we expected.

Now we are using Manage, we are very impressed with all aspects of it but especially it's ease of use and versatility.

The support we have received has also been superb from our initial training through to now being fully operational.

We are very happy to recommend River Lake to others and wish you continuing success in the future.

Yours faithfully

Jerome Fieldhouse - Grant Fieldhouse


Philip Marsh Collins Dueng

When looking for the right software to support the business, ideally it should cover all aspects efficiently and should be user-friendly and adaptable. In my experience, River Lake ticks all of these boxes and more.

The package is easy to use and, if in doubt, the tutorials provided are practical and comprehensible and where further help is required, the support team is always available to assist, be it by phone, email or via the remote link. Furthermore, the development team is most accommodating in providing bespoke enhancements as and when necessary.

All in all, River Lake is a package that provides everything we need to run our property management portfolio with ease and I would absolutely recommend it.


Sue Trevena - Office Manager, Philip Marsh, Collins Deung Ltd

Maunder Taylor

Maunder Taylor chose River Lake as their preferred Property Management System in 2004.

River Lake was chosen as it offers a comprehensive management and accounting system all in one, together with a diary warning system which is so important to the property management function.

We have been delighted with our choice of software.

Maunder Taylor has a diverse portfolio of properties under management, including those with tiered service charges; properties under joint ownership; and VAT-elected properties. As a firm of Chartered Surveyors, Maunder Taylor also has to provide monthly bank reconciliations for RICS and other audits. River Lake has been designed with all of this in mind. In addition, where our clients have asked for specific reporting formats tailored to their own unique requirements, the River Lake team has always been happy to design these. Their reports are diverse and functional.

River Lake's training for new staff is straight forward, and where additional support is required from time to time, we have always found this to be a phone call away. Support, which is so critical in a busy work environment, is generally instantaneous.

Since choosing River Lake in 2004 we have not looked back, and would have no hesitation in choosing the same system again today.

Kind regards

N B Maunder Taylor - Maunder Taylor



Matthews & Goodman

Over the last 7 years we have used the River Lake Manage system to run our property management client accounting functions and our property database. We have always found David Bliss, Peter Howard and the staff to be very supportive and helpful in creating bespoke reporting for us and our clients and in providing superb back up support to the teams here.

We have been working closely with them assisting in the upgrades that they regularly produce. We feel very much part of the team and know that they will assist if needed.

Yours faithfully

Mick Cumming - Matthews & Goodman LLP



Keppie Massie

We have always found this system extremely user friendly and good for reporting.

The support from the team at River Lake has always been outstanding.

We have used the system now for 9 years and would not have any issues recommending this to another property management company.

Yours faithfully

Elaine Gillard - Accounts Manager, Keppie Massie


Hobden Group

The Hobden Group, Property Investors, has been using River Lake software since 2009.

During the last seven years, the standard software has been customised to meet our specific requirements, giving us the appropriate management information and reports to enhance our business. We have always received professional and supportive assistance from the management and staff at River Lake .

Yours Faithfully

Ash Dattani - Director, Hobden Group

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